A MinRank in the Head Digital Signature Scheme

Public repository

Official public GitHub repository: https://github.com/Crypto-TII/mirith_nist_submission


Coming soon.

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AfricaCrypt 2023
MinRank in the Head: Short Signatures from Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ePrint)
Gora Adj, Luis Rivera-Zamarripa, Javier A. Verbel.
ACNS 2024
Building MPCitH-based Signatures from MQ, MinRank, Rank SD and PKP (ePrint)
Thibauld Feneuille
Syndrome Decoding in the Head: Shorter Signatures from Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Thibauld Feneuil, Antoine Joux, Matthieu Rivain.
Cryptology ePrint Archive
Efficient lifting for shorter zero-knowledge proofs and post-quantum signatures (ePrint)
Daniel Kales and Greg Zaverucha.
TCHES 2024
MiRitH: Efficient Post-Quantum Signatures from MinRank in the Head (ePrint)
Gora Adj, Stefano Barbero, Emanuele Bellini, Andre Esser, Luis Rivera-Zamarripa, Carlo Sanna, Javier Verbel, Floyd Zweydinger.